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Cockburn Returns

Cockburn Returns

Jim Heald


After six long years, Cockburn has a new album of original songs and what sounds like a very successful tour in progress.  In those six years, we’ve had a box set spanning his entire career and one of the more substantive rock autobiographies to hit the bookshelves in many years.  He’s also moved to the United States and become a father.

  So, what exactly does Bruce have to say to the world in his 72nd year?  

Bruce Cockburn Book Excerpt - from Journey to Christ

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From Chapter 3    

Journey to Christ 

Although Bruce’s parents were agnostics and he was raised an agnostic, he attended Sunday school as a child and young adult. This most likely gave him a reasonably good grounding in the basic stories of the Old and New Testament.  Of course, as a teenager, he and his friends, “used to look in the Bible for the juicy bits, ya know? The guy stabbing his dagger into the king’s belly until the fat closed over his fist – that was a good one.”[1]

Bruce and his family outwardly conformed to a rudimentary Christian faith to fit in with the 50’s ethos.  He grew up in a very Christian-centered world.  In the 50’s and early 60’s, not being a Christian or even a Jew was a pretty radical thing, especially if you talked about it. Even today, as secular and profane as the Western world has become, an openly agnostic or atheist candidate would probably not be electable to a major office in the United States.  We are steeped in the Judeo-Christian worldview and its stories from birth, especially people from Bruce’s and my generation.

Book Excerpt from World of Wonders - LIve Recordings

My Book on Bruce Cockburn, World of Wonders is available in paperback from  -  Click Here.  Amazon UKAmazon CanadaAmazon Japan and  Amazon Germany 


This excerpt is from Chapter 11 - Live Recordings, which is entirely new.

Bruce Cockburn Live (1990)


This album was recorded live at Ontario Place in Toronto, August 14-15, 1989.  Bruce performed at The Forum, an outdoor concert venue on the site, which has since been torn down.[1]  On this album, Bruce plays electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, bodhran, and wind chimes. Fergus Jemison Marsh plays Chapman stick, midi stick and contributes background vocals; with Michael Sloski on drums, percussion and background vocals.[2]  The Chapman stick is an electric stringed instrument with either 10 or 12 strings that essentially combines bass and guitar.  The player can use it to play either bass or guitar or both depending on their skill.  There is also flexibility in tuning the instrument, which would make it even more versatile in skilled hands.[3]

The album opens with Silver Wheels, which starts out on electric guitar with no accompaniment, just like the original studio recording from In the Falling Dark.  Bass and drums join in on the second verse.  There’s a long electric guitar solo at the end, essentially substituting for the trumpet solo on the studio recording. 

Jimmy LaFave: An Appreciation


I met Jimmy LaFave in January 1986, shortly after we had both moved to Austin.  We were playing at the open stage at Chameleons.  He sang Minstrel Boy, the beautiful Only One Angel, and either Thru the Neon Night or Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite so blown away, especially at an open stage.  The great voice, the great songwriting, that great mysterious something.  My wife Laura and I were among a small handful of folks who showed up for his first real gig in Austin, also at Chameleon’s.  He was great, with his buddy Gene Williams playing lead guitar.  He had a lot more than four good songs, but even then he sprinkled in songs by Dylan, his friend Bob Childers, and others.  He has a real gift for getting inside of the songs that he covers and inhabits them so completely that you’d swear he wrote them himself, even when you know he didn’t. 


Book Release - World of Wonders

World of Wonders is an appreciation of the lyrics and music of the iconic Canadian Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist Bruce Cockburn. This book is the first comprehensive look at the works of Bruce Cockburn from the 1960's to the Present.

 This version is a revised and expanded edition of the book published in 2012.  The book makes use of Bruce Cockburn's autobiography Rumours of Glory to correct and validate points made in the original book.  It also expands upon the influence of CS Lewis and Charles Williams on his work, makes corrections and updates throughout, and adds a new chapter on his live recordings.  The Book should be available on or about May 22, 2017.  The original version is now officlally out-of-print.  Please contact me at for review copies (eBook preferred, we've got a very small promotional budget).



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